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Republic of Kazakhstan, Atyrau City Kuttubai Batira Street No : 5 B

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JMKZ : Take a walk on the Safe side




Made in Kazakhstan!


In 2019, JMKZ company was founded by Turkish and Kazakh investors.


We are one of Kazakhstan´s leading manufactures of high quality footwear for safety and


protection at work. This tradition, together with the personal dedication of every single


employee, underpins our commitment to the protection and safety of the individual. JMKZ


Safety Footwear offers endless possibilities in sizes and models.


KZ Safety Footwear ensures that the JMKZ shoes are suitable for every user.


In close collaboration with its researchers, JMKZ designs products that offer the highest


level of safety, durability and ergonomics.

JMKZ safety concept is a full solution in technical footwear aiming at reducing accidents


and maximizing the comfort and well-being of its clients, through the design of high quality


products, with distinctive techniques and advanced and innovative materials.